The Rock Fork Regular Baptist Church is a small church located in the hills of Southeastern Kentucky. The church was established May 22, 1982 and is currently a member of the Indian Bottom Association, of Old Regular Baptist faith and order.

We are a body of dedicated believers devoted to spreading the gospel of our Lord and Savior to all those that do not have a personal relationship with Jesus.Our mission is to preach the good news of Christ to the lost, build strong disciples to the saved, be a positive influence to our children and be a great witness for Christ to all people, especially those in our communities.

We undertake many activities to achieve our calling. In addition to praise worship church meetings, we have developed an ever growing youth group that we affectionately call; Kids 4 Christ. We have some dedicated members who have a great desire to work with the young in our community. Not only do we spend time with them during our regular church times, we also plan and schedule special events like Vacation Bible School, Christmas play and many more. We feel this is a wonderful ministry and one that is too often overlooked.